Anton Hammerl was murdered

We still don’t have his body

We need an investigation

Please help us get justice

All we seek is the truth

April 5 2011
Pro-Gaddafi forces kill Anton Hammerl in Libya

44 Days
His family is led to believe he’s been captured and still alive before receiving news of his death on May 19

10 Years
With no investigation into Anton Hammerl’s murder

Truth seeker

Penny Sukhraj-Hammerl

Superb photographer

South Africa National Editors’ Forum

The best of us

James Foley


June 28: International media freedom, Impunity and Journalists’ Deaths — the case of Anton Hammerl (VIDEO) Watch the event hosted by Doughty Street Chambers to coincide with the United Nations Human Rights Council 47th’s session. Speakers include Anton’s widow Penny and Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East Editor.

April 11: ‘Ten years in a dark hell of unanswered questions,’ writes Penny Sukhraj-Hammerl (Sunday Times, South Africa) Download article here.

April 1: Family of murdered photojournalist take legal action against Libya and launch #JusticeforAnton Campaign
Just days before the tenth anniversary of photojournalist Anton Hammerl’s death, his widow Penny Sukhraj-Hammerl has launched a campaign to seek justice for his murder.

March 24: The Murder of Photojournalist Anton Hammerl in Libya, 2011
Ten years on, a call for justice for the murder of photojournalist Anton Hammerl and the launch of the #JusticeforAnton Campaign.

Anton Hammerl: 1969 – 2011

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